We support doc projects in all stages, from development to impact

Here’s how the process works step by step:

  • Meet with your Feedback Loop Advisor to go over your documentary's goals, anxieties, and big picture ambitions for the project. Pick the two consultants from our roster that you want to work with. Send us your work sample (fundraising trailer, rough-cut, etc.) and written materials (treatment, grant applications, etc.).
  • Your consultants make notes on the written work and give timecode based notes on the visual sample using the Screening Room platform. They then meet for a confidential conversation about the project that we record for you, where they go over the project's opportunities and challenges, and brainstorm solutions and strategies for the project to move forward.
  • You'll receive the packet of notes and the recording in about three weeks. You'll take a few days to digest, and send one or two clarifying questions if needed.
  • Meet with your Feedback Loop Advisor again to integrate your original goals for the project with the notes from the consultants. You and your Advisor will focus on creating a map of next steps, brainstorm creative considerations, identify strategic folks for you to connect with, and make a plan for a way forward that your team can run with.

Contact us for Rates:

Our consultants and our rates are extremely filmmaker friendly! Contact us and we’ll chat about your project and how we may be able to help! Please note that we only serve documentary projects (short and feature length). Thanks for reaching out!