"Feedback Loop provides an amazing glimpse into the thought process of the gatekeepers of the independent film industry. For us, it was an incredibly helpful experience for filmmakers navigating the gauntlet of funding, festivals, and distribution." - Nathan Fitch, Island Soldier

"We certainly heard a different opinion from the funding experts than we have been getting from our audience. It was jarring at first, but a really great experience to to go through and get a critical assessment from the "other side." It was especially useful to hear back from more than one expert - even our Advisor's critique was incredibly useful - perhaps even more so since we had those telephone conversations with her both before and after the process." - Ilka de Laat, Our Medicine

"I would highly recommend Feedback Loop. The insights I received have helped me examine my film with a new lens, and the varied viewpoints of the evaluators inspired several action items to work on immediately. Iyabo has created something special that will create a needed support web for doc filmmakers of all stripes." - Mirissa Neff, This is National Wake